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jpopkpop.net » 31st PORNO GRAFFITTI single "Kimi wa 100%" 27/10
31st PORNO GRAFFITTI single "Kimi wa 100%" 27/10
Posted on October 28, 2010 by SephirothFF
PORNO GRAFFITTI during the promotion of "ÚTRIGGER"

Eight and a half months after the release of Hitomi no Oku wo Nozokasete, PORNO GRAFFITTI will be releasing their thirty-first single. Titled Kimi wa 100%, the single will be out October 27 and will come in the CD-only format. The single will come with a currently unknown first-press bonus.

The cover of "Kimi wa 100%"

1. Kimi wa 100%
2. Kemuri
3. Get It On

PORNO GRAFFITTI's official website

Added large cover